This Way UP

This Way UP is an initiative to identify women-owned businesses and women leaders all across Vermont. We don’t know how many female-founded businesses are out there or their unique voices and needs. We developed an easy 10-minute survey to learn what these business owners need to connect, to grow, to innovate, and to accelerate!

How does it help Vermont?

This is about representing the diversity of women owners across our state. In the 2017 through our Change The Story initiative, we discovered that there is no conclusive data to determine how many women-owned businesses exist, in what sectors, and what gender-specific challenges they might face. We relied on U.S. Census data for our reports. We learned that even with the increase in women-owned businesses over time, revenues and economic growth lagged considerably behind their male counterparts.  

This gap in understanding led us to where we are today: we want to give voice and visibility to the women powering our communities, no matter how large or how small, no matter if they are incorporated, and no matter where they might be in Vermont.  

Until there is a complete database of women-owned businesses, the work of women in our state will be under-represented, under-resourced, and under-valued. Connecting women to their economic power and contribution to our state’s economy is a powerful motivator.

Be Represented & Get on the Map

WE NEED EVERYONE! We want to hear all voices and learn from their experiences. We consider women-owned businesses of any size and any stage of development. This ranges from our largest companies to women who are not officially “incorporated” or haven't hired employees to those with an independent gig on the side - everyone counts!

Any business owner who enters their information will see their company added to our online map, creating a resource where others can find them. They are also added to the #ThisWayUP report, an evolving, interactive database that is secure, transparent, and shows insights to the public in real-time.

Get Counted

Join the movement

Our campaign across the state will shine a light on the stories of women and how they are making money their own way. Let’s work together to create a future of representation and equity. That way, we can fully understand the impact of their businesses on the economy, and their communities. Head over to to lift all women in Vermont. There truly is power in our numbers! 

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