About The Vermont Women's Fund

The Vermont Women’s Fund, a component fund of the Vermont Community Foundation, was established in 1994 as an enduring resource for our state’s women and girls. The Fund remains the largest philanthropic resource dedicated exclusively to this mission. A council of people from around Vermont advises the Fund and participates in its grantmaking, fundraising, and leadership work.

The Vermont Women’s Fund works to improve the lives of young women and girls in Vermont by targeting philanthropic giving, forging statewide strategic partnerships, funding research, and supporting programs that address their fundamental economic, educational, and social needs. Since 2011, the Women’s Fund has focused on supporting women and girls as they make the crucial transition to adulthood.

Our definition of “women and girls” is inclusive of cis and trans women and girls, as well as non- binary people affected by gender oppression. Moreover, we recognize the disproportionate marginalization of the voices of BIPOC individuals in Vermont.

The Women's Fund is based in the Vermont Community Foundation's offices in Middlebury, Vermont, and makes grants statewide.


Our Mission

We fund structural change to advance gender equity and justice in Vermont.

Our mission acknowledges the very different experiences women and girls have in Vermont related to race, gender identity, sexuality, class, age, and ability. We are committed to sustaining systems change and movement building to address the root causes of gender inequality. We believe economic security is a critical pathway to success for women and girls in the state. We engage in statewide partnerships, targeted philanthropic giving, research, and program support that addresses the fundamental needs of women and girls.

Our Vision

Vermont is a place where all women and girls thrive.

Our Values

  • Shared Power

  • Revolutionizing Systems

  • Equity for All